Wait… Weston is writing articles now?

I know… Calm down. I understand that I am only 19 years old. I understand that I don’t have everything figured out. But, I wanted to start writing about different things on this site! Recently, I have been having intense thoughts, comments and ideas melting my brain. I am throwing these thoughts to anyone and everyone I am around… typically my family or friends. I don’t know if it is moral to come up to someone while they’re eating dinner and ask,”Since God is good and goodness came from God, does that mean that evilness has always been because evil is an exact opposite to goodness therefore making it an equal moral equation? Or did humans create evil because we had free will and we turned away from the goodness?”  Instead of annoying the heck out of my family and friends with all of my thoughts, creating a website was the other solution. But why the heck now?

The past couple of years have been a growing phase for me. I’ve learned how to react to situations in college, how to react to meeting new people and friends. I’ve had to move away from my girlfriend. I moved into my own room at college. No, it’s not depressing living on my own here. I enjoy being alone and learning more about myself. Being away gives me time to think through the choices I make and why I make them. But I do sometimes miss my old friends and family. Since I was born in America, I have a platform to speak my thoughts through the world wide web. I am able to engage in conversation with free will. Anyways, the reason why I was making this first post is to share what exactly I even want this website to be. 

I want this website to be an open place where I can think deeply on different situations I have been contemplating. I want to be able to share my thoughts on topics that are popular in the media and in our culture. I want to be able to engage with other people in what I ultimately think is important… The Bible. There is so much great information at all of our hands, and I want to make the most of it! 

Different people bring different mindsets. I want to be able to see two sides of an argument, and conclude my own thoughts and share it with you!

If you have made it this far on my first post and you aren’t confused, that makes one of us… because even I AM CONFUSED. But I appreciate all of you listening and hopefully I can give a better explanation on what I am doing in the next post! I’ll see you all very soon.