The Human Condition of Social Connection

The Human Condition [Noun]: part of being a person – Merriam Webster Dictionary 

A representation of drowning in chaos of social connections

You just got home from a long and demanding day at work. Unlocking the door to your house your phone buzzes. You reach into your pocket and you immediately get excited because someone just followed you on Instagram. “I didn’t know he/she had an Instagram!” you shout as you start stalking all of their photos. It was one of your closest colleagues (at least you thought you were close). You tell your husband or wife that someone from work just followed you. This feeling is great. The next day you go into work you find out that the person that followed you is quitting. What? How did you not know? You thought you were close to each other and you didn’t even know she was quitting! How could you feel so close to someone but yet not know them at all the same time?

Social connections. We all have them. No matter how many times we say “I have no friends”, we all are connected to someone. I mean biologically, we are connected to our parents. So how can we deal with people that we think are close with, but aren’t? How do we deal with that one connection within our families and friends that we don’t like? How do we deal with that one person that just doesn’t want to follow/add me back on social media?

Social media is great for posting and getting simple comments about your posts. Social media is not a complete representation of your life! The next time you are stalking someones account, remind yourself that their life is not only what you see on that page. There are hundreds and thousands of different facts and personality quirks that person has that you can not even start to describe on social media. Just because you added someone on Facebook, does not mean you know them. If you actually want to know the person that you are stalking, invite them to a party, go out to eat with them, or even make a simple phone call
(I know that’s old fashion) to improve your understanding of that person better!

To understand what stance I’m coming from first, I have been in the position where I have felt completely alone and popular. I was 10 years old when I started using different social media platforms. I thought it was the coolest and radest thing I’ve ever experienced! Watching cat videos that one of my friends posted or saying happy birthday to someone that I barely knew felt awesome! But I had no idea about what it would do to my social connections. It made me more anxious when I would talk to people in real life. I have had times where I’ve completely overthought a situation and assumed different things about different people. I have also been the person that just says no to the party, or the person that doesn’t want to connect with someone because your afraid they will not agree with what you believe or think. I’ve felt both. But how can we grow from those situations?

The Bible is very clear on what it states on connection. Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2).
Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed – The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working (James 5:16). As iron sharpens iron right? As Christians we are supposed to be Connected!… to an extent..

One final thought. If you want to bring someone to Christ, doing it over social media is not the way to go. If you barely know the person, then they will have no respect for you if your trying to “change their life”. Connections are needed. Go out of your way to understand the person. Maybe get them a coffee next time you are at a coffee shop and you know you’ll see them later. Ask them deeper questions then “how are you?” when you are with them. Actually listen to them. People like to be heard, if you listen to them, then that builds more trust within the connection thus helping your ultimate goal of bringing them to Christ.

Everyone wants to feel connected. Why don’t you help out the next person you see?